Jasmine and Iris

Jasmine and IrisHello everyone today I am posting a card that I made using a couple of Susan Tierney-Cockburn’s latest releases  which, you can find at Elizabeth Craft Designs.  Jasmine and Iris are blooming on this card although I am not in the right growing zone for Jasmine the Iris grow well here in Central Maine.

Here is the tutorial for the card:

  • Cut green cardstock 6″ X 12″ scoring at 6″ fold on score line forming a 6″ X 6″ card base.
  • Cut white cardstock 5-3/4″ square and die cut 1 corner (Tim Holtz Alterations die used here).
  • Cut 3 corners from green cardstock using corner die from Tags & More 1 – Lace (or a corner die of your choice).
  • Ink all edges (Distressed Ink – Vintage Photo used here)
  • Attach white cardstock piece to the card front using Clear Double Sided Adhesive.
  • Attach corner pieces to corners away from die cut corner.
  • Using Violet PanPastel from set 1 and a makeup sponge  sponge PanPastel onto white crdstock or for a darker flower use a purple cardstock.  Cut petals for 3 Iris from this cardstock.  On the right side of petals use a dark purple marker and draw in lines in center of each set of petals.  Turn petals face down on molding mat using large loop tool from Susan’s Garden Tool Set pull down through each petal shaping the petals.  Turn petals over and using medium ball tool push in center cupping each set of petals.  Glue small set of petals to center of larger set of petals offsetting petals.  Cut 3 stamens from yellow cardstock.  Add a small line of clear drying glue to bottom edge and roll up using tweezers starting at tab end – fan out the stamens.  Dip bottom of stamen into clear drying glue and place in center of flower.  Cut 2 stem pieces and several leaves from green cardstock.  Lay 1 stem piece and other stems face down on leaf molding mat taking leaf tool draw vein line down center of all.  Using Bright Yellow Green PanPastel from set 1 shade leaves and stems on front side.
  • Cut Jasmine flower and stamens 7-8 times from white cardstock and  stems and leaves several times from green cardstock using Susan’s Garden Notes Jasmine die.  Shade center of each flower with yellow PanPastel Set 1.  Lay flowers face down on molding mat and with small loop tool pull tool from top to bottom shaping petals. Turn flowers over and with small ball tool push into center cupping each flower. To form stamen spread a small amount of clear drying glue on bottom of stamen and roll up using tweezers starting at tab end..  Spread stamen out and with black marker make small dots on each stamen.  Attach stamen to center of each flower using clear drying glue.  Place leaves and stems face down on leaf molding pad and with leaf tool draw vein line down center of each leaf.  Turn leaves over add Bright Yellow Green PanPastel and Rust PanPastels from set 1 for shading.  Using tweezers pinch bottom of each leaf and lay on molding mat face down rub end of leaf with medium ball tool to add shape.
  • Attach Iris stems to front of card using clear drying glue then attach flowers to stems.  Add Jasmine flowers and leaves.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

506 Clear Double Sided Adhesive506 Clear Double Sided Adhesive

808 Susan’s Garden Tool Kit

810 Susan’s Garden Molding Mat

811 Susan’s Garden Leaf Mat

951 Tags & More 1 – Lace

1193 Susan’s Garden Notes – Iris

1194 Susan’s Garden Notes – Jasmine

30115 Susan’s PanPastel Flower Coloring Kit 1

Other Supplies:

Green, White and Yellow cardstock  (Purple also if decide not to use PanPastel coloring)

Clear Drying Glue

Tim Holtz Alterations Die

Black and Dark Purple Markers

Distress Ink – Vintage Photo


Thank you for joining me for this tutorial I do hope that you have enjoyed it and will try your own card.

Don’t forget to visit Elizabeth Craft Designs for your supplies and to see all the other great supplies they carry.

Until Next time Happy Scrapping!






Lovely Carnation

lovely carnation 1

Hello everyone weather here in Maine has been beautiful the last few days finally it has turned warm and the flowers are blooming like crazy.  My roses in front of my deck really started popping open today and they are so pretty.

Today my post is using  a new release for Susan Tierney-Cockburn at Elizabeth Craft Designs.  I have used Susan’s  Garden Notes Carnation die again I love making these they are so pretty and easy.  The card is an A2 card (5-1/2″ X 4-1/4″.  Here is how I made the card.

  1.  Using a 5-1/2″ X 4-1/4″ card base either a purchased one or you can cut cardstock 5-1/2″ wide by 8-1/2″ long and score at 4-1/4″ to form your own card base.
  2. Using largest Stitched Rectangle die cut one rectangle from deep pink cardstock,
  3. Take green cardstock and cut to 5″ X 3-3/4″.
  4.   Cut white cardstock  4-3/4″ X 3-1/2″ and emboss this piece with Swirly Curves embossing folder or embossing folder of your choice.
  5.   Ink all edges of rectangles and card base .  (Distress Ink – Vintage Photo used here).
  6. Using Clear Double Sided Adhesive attach rectangles to card base starting with largest (deep pink) and ending with smallest (white).
  7.  Cut a Leafy Branch from green cardstock.  Lay right side down onto molding mat and using small ball tool lightly rub each leaf giving it dimension.
  8.   From brown cardstock cut 2-3 branches using Susan’s Garden Bouquet Stems and Branches die set.  Also cut several branches from Susan’s CountryScapes – The Woods 1 dies set.  On these branches add a clear drying glue to the right side of the branches and dip them into white “Prills”.
  9. Using light pink cardstock cut all petals twice.  From green cardstock cut 2 stems.
    1. Distress all petal edges with a darker pink ink.  Hello Spring 7
    2. Lay all petals wrong side up on molding mat and using small end of loop tool ruffle the edges by pressing and pulling loop from edge to center just enough to make the edge curl.  Do this on all petals.  Hello Spring 8
    3. Turn petals over and using magenta PanPastel shade centers of all pieces.  Using the same loop tool as before finish shaping petals by pulling loop tool down through each petal careful not to disturb your ruffle.
    4. Using tweezers pinch stem end of each petal and cup center using smallest ball tool.
    5. Adhere 2 stems together using a quick clear drying adhesive.  Lay stem right side down on leaf mat and using leaf tool draw a stem line down center of stem.  Place on molding mat and using medium ball tool shape the “calyx”  by rubbing the ball around (stirring like motion).
    6. Lay stem on non-stick surface and build your carnation.  Starting with largest petals add a small dot of clear drying adhesive to calyx add your first set of petals, add adhesive to center of petals and add next set of petals offsetting a little.  Continue the process until you have all 8 layers added.
  10.  Using clear drying glue attach Leafy Branch to left side of card front.  Attach Carnation over the  Leafy Branch then add Branches.
  11.  Cut scallop oval using next to the smallest die in the Fitted Frames Curvy Ovals set from white cardstock.  From deep pink cardstock cut oval using next to the smallest die from Fitted Ovals set.  Using smallest die in Fitted Ovals cut white oval.  Ink edges on all ovals.  Using Clear Double Sided Adhesive attach ovals together.
  12. Add Happy Birthday Peel Off Sticker.  Attach to lower right of card front using pop dots.
  13. Cut 2 Card Stand / Easel glue together and emboss using embossing folder of your choice.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies

Susan’s Garden Notes – Carnation

Susan’s garden Notes – Bouquet Stems and Branches

Card Stand / Easel

Leafy Branch

Stitched Rectangles

Fitted Frames 4 Curvy Ovals

Fitted Ovals

Swirly Curves Embossing Folder

Peel Off Stickers – Happy Birthday

Susan’s CountryScapes – The Woods 1

Susan’s Garden Flower Coloring Kit 1

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Other Supplies

White, Deep Pink, Brown and Green cardstock

White Prills

Distress Ink – Vintage Photo


I  sure do hope you have enjoy this tutorial and it has inspired you to make your own card.

Until next time – Happy Scrapping!








Hello Spring

Hello Spring 1

Hello Everyone today my post is a card  that I designed for Susan Tierney- Cockburn’s Design Team on Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog.

Here in my area of Maine the Forget Me Not and Lily of the Valley are in bloom so of course I wanted to incorporate them into my design.   I am excited to post a card that I have made using one of Susan’s new releases Garden Notes Carnation along with foliage from the new CountryScapes Lavender die. I wanted to show you how to stretch your dies combining and interchanging them to make even more flowers as I have done here for the Forget Me Not and the Lily of the Valley.  I  also wanted to show you how you can create different looks by combining embossing folders.  For a full tutorial be sure to visit Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog at link above.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.