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Hello Crafty Friends,

Today I am posting a card I made for one of my sweet rug hooking friends who is a tea drinker.  The background technique I cased from Lauri Coons – Stampin Friends when I saw her post on Facebook I just had to try it.  This is my second card I have done using this back ground and of course by changing colors and embossing folders they will look very different.

Here is how the card was made starting with a 5-1/2″ X 4-1/4″ tent fold card base.

  1.  Using 1-3/4″ punch (can also die cut Elizabeth Craft Designs has fitted circles smallest is 1-1/2″ and next size is 2″ which is what I would recommend and put clear double sided adhesive on back of cardstock before cutting as it will be easier to arrange pieces ) cut 2 circles from 6 different colors of cardstock.  Cut each circle into fourths and then emboss with embossing folder or folders of your choice. (be sure to cut before embossing).  Add adhesive to back of pieces using a Xyon sticker maker if you have punched your circles.   Arrange on card front.
  2.  Cut 1 piece of cardstock 5-1/4″ X 4 ink edges Vintage Photo Distress Ink used here.  Adhere to inside of card.
  3. From white cardstock cut cup and saucer using Karen Burniston’s Cup Pop Up die set.  Using green ink and stencil decorate cup and saucer (this stencil just happened to be close at hand but Elizabeth Craft Designs has stencil and stamp set that coordinates with this die set which I didn’t have at time card was made but since have purchased both).  Using Karen’s video as guidance on creating cup and saucer pop up video can be found here.
  4. Using Els van de Burgt Studios Ribbons 1 die set cut 2 ribbons from green cardstock and adhere to card.
  5. Using Close To My Heart March Stamp of the Month stamp tea cup on yellow cardstock and fussy cut out (you could also die cut another cup using Karen’s die set it is a little bigger but should work fine).  Stamp sentiment onto tea cup adhere to card front using dimensional tape.  Stamp the tea bag tag, color heart, punch small hole then add string and adhere to back side of cup by handle.
  6. From Silver cardstock cut 2 spoons adhere together.  Using ball tool shape bowl of spoon then adhere to card.
  7. Stamp sentiment inside of card.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies Used

Soft Finish White Cardstock

Karen Burniston Cup Pop Up Stand

Els van de Burgt Studio Ribbons 1

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Kids Choice Glue

Other Supplies Used

Cardstock – yellow, green, red, dk blue, purple,  silver and orange

Ink – Green & Black

Punch – 1-3/4″

Close to My Heart Stamp Set – March Stamp of the Month Tea-rrific

Xyron 1.5″ Create A Sticker

Thank you for stopping by todayand hope that you will make your own card for a friend!

Until next time – Happy Crafting.








Hydrangea 90th Birthday

2017-04-02Hydrangea 90th Birthday1

Hello my Crafty Friends thank you for stopping by my blog today.

I don’t know about you but I am sure glad that spring is in sight and hopefully much of the illnesses going around will run off with “Ole Man Winter”.  So much sickness that keeps going around and around.  I had my bout with it a couple of weeks ago but am finally getting back to my old self.  That said several of my posts have been done when I was not feeling well and so I feel my work was not up to par,  for that I apologize.

My post today is a card that I made for my dear friend’s mother as she celebrates her 90th Birthday.

Here is how I created the 5′ X 7″ Tent Fold card.

  1. Cut blue cardstock (Soft Finish Cardstock – Dusky Sky used here) 5″ X 7″ adhere to front of card base using clear double sided adhesive.
  2. Cut white cardstock 4-1/4″ X 4-3/4″ dry emboss using brick pattern embossing folder.  Not sure which embossing folder was used for my piece as my piece came out of my stash but I think it was Tim Holtz.  Adhere to left side of card using Clear Double Sided Adhesive.
  3. Cut 2 sets  Susan’s Garden Notes Carolina Window and Shutters from black cardstock.  Adhere them together (like to double them up to give dimension) using Kids Choice glue.  Trace around edge of window onto yellow cardstock and cut out cutting on inside edge of line so it will not stick out beyond the window.  Adhere using Kids Choice Glue to back of window to make it look like lights are on.  Adhere window onto brick section making sure to leave room at bottom of window for the hydrangeas.
  4. Making the hydrangeas.  I made 6 hydrangeas using Susan’s Garden Notes Hydrangea 2 die set.   5 I cut the stem off  leaving 1 with stem. These hydrangeas were made using various shades of blues and some white cardstock but the way I prefer is to use various shades of blue, a bit of green and pink PanPastels wiped with a sponge over white cardstock then cut out the flowers as they seem more realistic.  That being said cut your flowers however you would like to make them then shape and build your flowers.  Use Susan’s video to guide you it is very helpful.   You can find video here.
  5. Using Kids Choice Glue attach hydrangeas under the window being sure to only put glue on very edge of hydrangea.  Add as many leaves as you wish – hydrangeas have a lot of leaves.
  6. From white cardstock cut 1 Stitched Fishtail (4th smallest in set) stamp with sentiment using black ink.  My sentiment was printed from my computer so in that case I printed then centered die over the sentiment and die cut.  Attach to right side of card using dimensional tape.  Attach hydrangea to top of sentiment piece using Kids Choice Glue.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies Used

Susan’s Garden Notes – Hydrangea 2

Susan’s Garden Carolina Window and Shutters

Soft Finish Cardstock – White, Dusky Sky

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Kids Choice Glue

Susan’s PanPastels

Susan’s 4pc Tool Set


Other Supplies Used

Brick Embossing Folder

Green cardstock

Yellow cardstock

Well that is it for today I do hope that you will visit Elizabeth Craft Designs for all their great products.

Until next time – Happy Crafting!







Box of Pansies

2017-04-02 boxxxofpansies 1

Hello My crafty Friends,

This is my card I designed for Susan’s gardening Design team for a full tutorial visit their blog at Elizabeth Craft Designs and find all their wonderful supplies as well.

Here is my inspiration for the pansies.  Saw this picture on Facebook last year and saved it.

Red Pansies

Thanks for stopping by and until next time – Happy Crafting!



Baby Rose Card

Baby Rose Card2017-03-27

Hello to all my crafty friends out there!  I keep hoping for that spring weather to come and stay for a while but seems we get a couple of days of spring and then back into winter with cold temps and snow but then I have to stop and think we have nothing to complain about when you look at what so many in the southern states are going through I need to feel very very lucky!  My heart goes out to them for sure.

Today I am posting a card that was made for my new great great niece.  Susan’s Garden Notes Rose 2 was used along with Els van de Burgt Studio Stitched and Fitted Fishtail dies, Moda Scrap Dandelion Fluff dies and  Suzanne Cannon Baby Love die set.

Although this card is my design the background of the card is not mine I cased it from Lauri Coons – Stampin Friends and I have told her that I had cased it.  She had posted a card on Facebook and I was intrigued so had to try it.  I chose colors to go with my card theme but the sky is the limit.

Here is how the card was created.

Note:  Lauri said to do all your cutting on circles before embossing so that is what I did.

Card base is 5-1/2″ square.

  1.  Using white Soft Finish cardstock punch 4 circles 1-3/4″ diameter (Els van de Burgt Studio has Fitted Circle dies that could be used one circle is 1-1/2″ and the next size up is 2″ and I would go with the 2″ rather than the smaller as you have to cut these circles into fourths).  Cut 4 circles 1-3/4″ diameter from pink cardstock and 4 from white cardstock.  Cut each circle into fourths.  Next emboss all the pieces using embossing folder of your choice I decided to use two different embossing folders.  Run all pieces through a little Xyron create-a-sticker.  Note:  You could use Clear double Sided Adhesive on the back of your cardstock before punching circles but you just have to work a little at times to get backing off adhesive once it has been embossed but it does work.  Actually makes it easier to layout your pattern before sticking pieces down especially if you have many colors that you are using.
  2. Adhere pieces to card front – this card has 3 rows.  The following picture shows 3 colors this is just a sample to go by.2017-04-04 20.59.45
  3. From pink cardstock cut 1 Stitched Fishtail using #5 die (I always number my dies on the back side with black sharpie when I get them).
  4. From white cardstock cut 1 Fitted fishtail from #4.  Using Clear Double sided Adhesive adhere white fishtail to pink.  Attach to right front of card using dimensional tape.
  5. From pink cardstock cut Baby using Suzanne Cannon’s Baby Love die set and cut girl using Els van de Burgt Studio It’s A Boy / Girl die set.  Adhere to Fishtail using Kids Choice glue.
  6. Create 3 pink roses and several rose buds using Susan’s Garden Notes Rose 2 die set and pink cardstock and leaves from green cardstock.  Shade using Susan’s Garden PanPastels Set 1 shape using Susan’s Garden 4 pc. Tool Kit and her video as a guide.  Video can be found here.
  7. From a light green cardstock using ModaScrap Dandelion Fluff cut 2 pair.  To add a little color to tips of fluff Viva Pearl Pen was used let dry completely.  Lay each fluff face down on molding mat using medium ball tool from tool kit rubbing gently to give a little dimension.  Turn over do same on front side randomly in each piece.  2017-03-27 14.38.33
  8. Arrange Dandelion Fluffs on left side of card when where you want adhere them with Kids Choice Glue.  Do the same for the roses and leaves.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies

Susan’s Garden Notes Rose 2

ModaScrap Dandelion Fluff

Els van de Burgt Fitted Fishtails

Els van de Burgt Stitched Fishtails

Els van de Burgt It’s A Boy / Girl

Suzanne Cannon Baby Love

Susan’s Garden PanPastels Set 1

Susan’s Garden 4 pc. Tool Kit

Soft Finish Cardstock

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Kids Choice Glue


Other Supplies

Cardstock pink and 2 shades of green

Viva Pearl Pen – Salmon

Embossing Folder

Xyron create- a- sticker 1.5″


Be sure to visit Elizabeth Craft Designs for great supplies and check out their blog for so many great creations.

Well that is it for today I do hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.

Until next time – Happy Crafting!