Roses & Ivy


Hi there my crafty friends weather here in Maine unfortunately is not rose & ivy weather but I can dream.  Using Susan Tierney-Cockburn’s wonderful flower dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs keeps me gardening year round.  Today my post is a card I designed for Susan’s Design Team using three of Susan’s new releases Rose 3, Ivy and Pottery Pitcher.  Find complete tutorial and all the supplies here at Elizabeth Craft Designs.

Enjoy and Happy Crafting!


Sweet Aubrey Tag

Sweet Aubrey Tag

Hello everyone today my hubby and I are celebrating our 47th Anniversary and so we will be heading to the coast to celebrate.  This has been a tradition for many years for us.  We choose different places to go but our favorite is Camden, Maine it is so pretty  and that is where we will go.

Today I am posting a tag I made to go on a gift for a friend’s new granddaughter.  It is a quick and simple project.

  1.  From pink cardstock using Tags & More 6 Daisy die set cut solid tag and 2 corners.
  2. From white cardstock using Tags & More 6 Daisy cut tag overlay.
  3. From off white / cream colored cardstock (Close to My Heart Colonial White used here) cut petals for 2 roses using Susan’s Garden Notes Rose 2 die set.  Shade petals using pink from PanPastels set 1. Shape all petals.
  4. Cut 4 stems from green cardstock.  Add stem and vein lines to 2 of the stems.  Shade with bright green PanPastels Set 1.  Using a clear drying glue such as Kid’s Choice to adhere the veined stem on top of the plain stem.   Susan has a great You Tube video to help with the shading and shaping which is found here.
  5. Print or stamp sentiment on same pink cardstock that was used for the tag.  Using the smallest oval from Stitched Oval Dies center over sentiment and cut out.
  6. Ink all edges of tag, corners and oval using ink of your choice I used Tea Dye Distress Ink here.
  7. Attach white overlay to pink tag using Clear Double Sided Adhesive avoiding open areas of overlay.  Attach corners with clear drying glue.  Adhere roses using same glue.
  8. Add a piece of matching ribbon to top of tag to tie onto package.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Tags & More 6 Daisy

Susan’s Garden Notes Rose 2

Stitched Oval Dies

Susan’s Garden PanPastels Set 1

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Kid’s Choice Glue

Other Supplies:

White, Pink, Green and Off White Cardstock

10″ Ribbon

Tea Dye Distress Ink


Thank you for visiting today I do hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial today.  Be sure to visit Elizabeth Craft Designs for all their great products.

Until next time – Happy Scrapping!







Jasmine & Roses

Jasmine & Roses1

Today my post is another card inspired by my recent tour of the Olson House in Cushing, Maine.   I believe as a crafter we look at everything in a different way at least I do.  I am sure some of those that were in our tour group probably thought that I was a “tad bit” crazy when I got so excited over the peeling wallpaper, cracked walls and wide painted floorboards and proceeded to take pictures of these items.  The background paper I used today is from my picture I took of the peeling wall paper then printed on cardstock.  When I was looking at the wall that day I could just picture some of Susan’s Garden Note Roses on that background.


I have chosen Susan’s new soon to be released Susan’s Garden Note Plant Pot die using her Garden Notes Rose 2 and Jasmine from her previous releases.  I also used Els Leafy Branch, Dotted Scallop Rectangles, Bead Strings 1 and Joset Designs General Sentiments stamp set.  I know it is another card with roses but I just love them and I think that sometimes they can take a nice card and make it a wow card at least in my opinion.

Let us get started.

Card Base:  6″ X 6″

  1. Cut white cardstock 6″ X 12″ score at 6″.
  2. Choose a printed paper for background – mine is one I printed from a photo I took.  Cut paper 6″ X 6″ attach to card front using clear double sided adhesive.  Note this card can be a top fold or side fold it is your choice.
  3. Cut 4 matching pieces from Bead Strings 1 ( you have a choice of 4 I chose one of the straight ones) using white cardstock with clear double sided adhesive on the back.  At the same time cut 1 Dotted Scallop Rectangle using smallest die but do not back white cardstock with adhesive for this piece.
  4. Ink all edges (Distress Antique Linen used here).
  5. Attach beaded strings around outer edges.

Flower Pot:

  1. Cut 2 pots and 2 saucers from terra cotta cardstock.
  2. On 1 pot and saucer using green and white ink and makeup sponge shade to give it aged look.
  3. After shading lay shaded pot and sauce face down on molding pad.  Using loop tool from Susan’s 4 piece tool kit pull loop down through the pot and saucer to give it dimension.  Jasmine & Roses2
  4. Attach flat pot and saucer to card front using clear double sided adhesive (I left little piece in top of pot on this one and adhered)Jasmine & Roses3
  5. Using clear drying glue on very edges of pot (even tiny rim area) and saucer all around attach over one already attached to card.  Make sure you leave center of pot open and free of glue as that is where you will arranging your flowers.

Flowers and Foliage:

  1. Cut 3 roses from pink cardstock.  Shade centers of all petals with PanPastels Set 1 Magenta.
  2. Using green cardstock cut leaves and stems shade with PanPastels Set 1 Bright Yellow Green.
  3. Shape roses, leaves and stems using Susan’s video as a guide you can find it here.  This video is very helpful  I refer to it often.
  4. Cut 6 Jasmine flowers and stamens from white cardstock and  stems and leaves several times from green cardstock using Susan’s Garden Notes Jasmine die.  Shade center of each flower with yellow PanPastel Set 1.  Lay flowers face down on molding mat and with small loop tool pull tool from top to bottom shaping petals. Turn flowers over and with small ball tool push into center cupping each flower. To form stamen spread a small amount of clear drying glue on bottom of stamen and roll up using tweezers starting at tab end..  Spread stamen out and with black marker make small dots on each stamen.  Attach stamen to center of each flower using clear drying glue.  Place leaves and stems face down on leaf molding pad and with leaf tool draw vein line down center of each leaf.  Turn leaves over add Bright Yellow Green PanPastel and Rust PanPastels from set 1 for shading.  Using tweezers pinch bottom of each leaf and lay on molding mat face down rub end of leaf with medium ball tool to add shape.
  5. Cut 2-3 Leafy Branches from green cardstock add shading using Bright Yellow Green PanPastels set 1.  Lay face down on molding mat using med ball tool rub each leafy gently to give a little shape turn over and gently rub stems in several areas to give more dimension.

Arranging Flower Pot:

  1. Layout your Leafy Branches arranging until you are happy with it putting stems down in hole of pot.  When happy with arrangement use clear drying glue to attach ( just a few dots on stems here and there).  I cut some apart and even had some hang over edge of pot.
  2. Next add Roses and buds (once again I cut them apart  cutting buds and leaves off and a little bit of bottom of stems).
  3. Add Jasmine flowers in same manner.  Experiment until you get the look you want.

Adding Sentiment:

  1. Stamp sentiment on die cut rectangle using black ink (Happy Birthday used here but this card could be used for many things).
  2. Attach rectangle to top right corner of card using dimensional tape.

Last but not least your card needs a stand to display it on Els has a how to video for making card stand here.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Susan’s Garden Notes – Flower Pot

Susan’s Garden Notes – Roses 2

Susan’s Garden Notes – Jasmine

Susan’s Garden 4 pc Tool Kit

Susan’s Garden Molding Pad

Susan’s Garden PanPastels Set 1

Els van de Burgt Studio Dotted Scallop Rectangles

Els van de Burgt Studio Bead Strings 1

Els van de Burgt Studio Card Stand / Easel

Joset Designs Stamp Set – general Sentiments

Other Supplies:

White, pink, green and terra cotta cardstock

Black, white and green ink

Distress Antique Linen ink

Makeup sponges

Fine tip black marker

I do hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and that you will try making one yourself. Please visit Elizabeth Craft Designs for supplies for this card plus much more.

Until next time – Happy Scrapping!







A New Home Congrats

A New Home (2)

A New Home (22)

Hello everyone today I am posting a card that I made for our store manager who has just moved into a new home with her family.  Of course the perfect card for this is Karen Burniston’s Pivot House Die and lots of Susan Tierney-Cockburns CountryScape dies.

Here is how I made the card:

Note: If you apply clear double sided adhesive to your cardstock before cutting your little pieces it will be easy to attach to card.

Cut blue cardstock 6″ X 12″ score at 6″ having the white side to the inside of the card.

  1. Place house die on inside fold where you want it to be and then place the arbor at end of fence.  Using a pencil lightly trace around the dies.
  2. Cut templates from scrap piece of cardstock using Susan’s CountryScapes clouds and grass.  Using light blue PanPastels form your sky by sponging around template and moving it around.  Next using green PanPastels and grass template make the grass (if you are using a printed paper you can skip the grass step) Susan has a video to help with this you can see it at this link.
  3. If you are using printed paper for the grass cut strip 1-5/8″ X 12″  I then used some fancy cut scissors to trim top edge to make it look like blades of grass. (you will need to trim it down in a couple areas).  Cut a strip 1-5/8″ X 6″ cut top edge with fancy scissors and adhere to front of card.
  4. Lie your house die in center fold lining up the center pins with fold – tape in place. (if you traced around it when doing sky and grass this should be very easy.  Run through die cutting machine.  Karen has a video that is very helpful you can find it at this link.
  5.  Cut arbor from white soft finish cardstock age with gray PanPastels.  You can also add some aging to the fence.
  6.   Cut pieces to finish house using my card as a guide for colors of cardstock and attach to house on card.
  7.  Cut 2 rose bushes from real green soft finish cardstock shade with a little green distress ink.  Attach to side of arbor fanning out top of bushes and bringing bottoms together making a fuller bush at the top.  Cut rolled roses 3 times and form roses by rolling with tweezers and using a dot of clear drying glue to hold it together.  Attach roses randomly on the bush.
  8.  Cut 2 wreaths from brown cardstock using CountryScapes Backyard 2 die set.  Attach to front of arbor offsetting a bit.  Cut tiny flowers in several colors and cup them using Susan’s smallest ball tool..  Attach to wreath using a clear drying glue then add a green prill to center of each flower.
  9. Using tulip and daffodil edge dies cut a couple of each and assemble.  Cut sections apart to fit the front of house, in front of fence and side of arbor and attach.
  10.   Cut mailbox and attach.
  11.   Attach clouds to front of card.
  12.   Cut scallop oval from white cardstock using die from Accordion Oval Die set.  Attach Peel Off Sticker – Congrats to oval.  Using dimensional tape attach oval to lower right side of card front.
  13.    Attach ” On A New Home” Peel Off Stickers to inside of card.

I do hope that you have enjoyed my tutorial today.  Visit Elizabeth Craft Designs for supplies to make your own card.

Until next time – Happy Scrapping!




Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies

#902 Karen Burniston Pop It Up House Pivot Card

#1094 Susan’s garden Cloud & Grass

#1134 Susan’s Garden CountryScapes Nantucket Arbor & Picket Fence

#1130 Susan’s garden CountryScapes Flora 5

#1131 Susan’s Garden Edges – Daffodil

#1133 Susan’s Garden Edges – Tulip

#1010 Susan’s Garden CountryScapes Backyard 2

#30115 Susan’s Garden Flower Coloring Kit 1

#30116 Susan’s Garden Flower Coloring Kit 2

#30117 Susan’s Garden Flower Coloring Kit 3

#324 Peel Off Text Stickers (A New Home)

#2578 Peel Off Text Stickers

#772 Accordion Oval Card (Congrats)

#1071 Card Stand / Easel die

# PSF131 Soft Finish Cardstock – Soft Sky

#PSF134 Soft Finish Cardstock – True Green

#PSF101 Soft Finish Cardstock – White

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

#808 Susan’s Garden – 4 pc Tool Set


Other Supplies

Small pieces of cardstock in various colors

Clouds from my stash


Kid’s Choice Glue

Dimensional tape



Rosey Thank You

Rosey Thank You 02212016Hello everyone my post today is a simple Thank You card that I did for a friend.  Once again I have used Susan’s Garden Note Rose 2 Die along with a few other Elizabeth Craft Design Dies.  Susan has so many great dies as well as all the other dies and supplies at Elizabeth Craft Designs you must visit their site to see them all.  Elizabeth Craft Designs

Let’s make a card

  1.  Using the next to the largest Stitched Oval die and the patterned paper cut 1 oval.
  2. Using your choice of corner die from Corners 1 set cut 4 corners in pink and 4 corners in black cardstock.
  3. Using A Way With Words – Thank You die cut 1 in pink and 1 in black cardstock.
  4. Cut a rose from pink cardstock and stem and leaves from green cardstock.  Shade, shape and assemble using Susan’s great tutorial as guidance.
  5. Using 100# soft finish cardstock cut 2 Easel / Stand glue together and emboss using Dancing leaves embossing folder.
  6. Attach the pink corners to the black corners offsetting ever so slightly to give a shadow look.  (clear drying glue was used here)
  7. Attach the pink “Thank You” to black “Thank You” in the same manner as the corners.
  8. Using clear double sided adhesive attach oval to center of card base.
  9. Using a clear drying glue attach corner pieces in each corner of the card base.
  10. Attach the rose and “Thank You” .

Voila! You have a card.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies Used:

#998 Susan Garden Notes Rose 2

#1113 Stitched Ovals Dies

#1124 Corners 1

#1167 A Way With Words Die – Thank You

#1071 Card Stand / Easel Die

#106 Embossing folder – Dancing Leaves

#506 Clear Double Sided Adhesive – 1/4″

#PSF102 White Soft Finish Cardstock


Other Supplies

A2 White Card Base

Black, pink, and green cardstock

Patterned paper

I do hope you have enjoyed my tutorial today and that you will try your hand at it.  This is a simple card but fun to make.

Until next time Happy Scrapping!













Just Peachy Roses

Missy wedding card 09022015

Hello Everyone,

Today I am posting a wedding card that I designed for The Susan Tierney Cockburn Design team at Elizabeth Craft Designs.  I used Susan’s Garden Rose 2 die, Katie Flourish Frame Edges, Accordion Oval Card Die and Heartstrings Embossing Folder which all can be found here .  The tutorial can also be found at Elizabeth Craft Designs here.

Hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you visit Elizabeth Craft Designs real soon to see all the great products they offer.

Have a super day!

Happy Scrapping,