Spring Bouquet

2017-05-20 Spring Bouquet

Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog today!

Here in Maine things are starting to bloom my lilac trees are getting ready to burst with color and fragrance like none other.   The lilacs do not show the true color in this picture I tried taking several different pictures in different light but could not get the true color to show.

Today I am posting a card which has a bouquet of spring flowers hence the name of the card.  Susan’s Garden Notes dies were used for the flowers along with her Pottery Pitcher die.  The finish on the pitcher is a result of a botched cracked glass technique but I decided when all was said and done it looked like a very old pitcher and that I liked the look so I used it.

Here is how this  6 X6  tent fold card was done.

  1.  Cut White Soft Finish Cardstock 6″ X 12″ score at 6″ fold on score line.  Cut patterned paper (Through the Lens – Wood used here) at 5-3/4″ square then attach to card front using Clear Double Sided Adhesive.
  2. From White Soft Finish Cardstock cut 2 ModaScrap Lace Corners.  Attach to bottom corners using Clear Double Sided Adhesive overlapping at the center.
  3. From grayish tan cardstock cut 1 Garden Notes Pottery Pitcher –  ink edges.  Lay face down on molding mat using large ball tool from Susan’s Garden Tool Set rub back of pitcher giving it a little shape.  As I said the finish was a botched Cracked Glass Technique.  You can google that technique.  I believe I got mine too thick some fell off the remainder was reheated and bubbled giving this texture.  Ink over all of it (Distress Vintage Photo used here).
  4. Make 2 Garden Notes Lilac branches.  These were made using White Soft Finish Cardstock  colored with lavender and dark purple Susan’s Garden PanPastels Set 1 & 2 before cutting flowers.
  5. Make 1 Garden Notes Daffodil
  6. Make 2 Garden Notes Tulip 2 in colors of your choice ( 1 white and 1 peach used here).
  7. Pussy willows were made by using Els van de Burgt Studio Leaf & Berry Branch and brown cardstock cutting 5-6 branches.  Snip off the leaves so you basically have sticks then using Kids Choice Glue add dots of glue  to top half of each stick  sprinkle white Flower Soft over glue then gently press Flower Soft into glue then repeat.
  8. Arrange flowers to your liking  then attach to back of pitcher using Kids Choice Glue (I put the stems down through the opening at top of pitcher).
  9. Attach pitcher to card front using Kids Choice Glue that is just on the very edge of the pitcher.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies

Susan’s Garden Notes Pottery Pitcher

Susan’s Garden Notes Tulip 2

Susan’s Garden Notes Lilac

Susan’s Garden Notes Daffodil

ModaScrap Lace Corner

Els van de Burgt Through The Lens – Wood

Els van de Burgt Leaf & Berry Branch

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

Soft Finish Cardstock – White

Susan’s Garden PanPastels

Susan’s 4pc Deluxe Tool Kit

Kids Choice Glue

Other Supplies

Green, Yellow, Peach and Gray / Tan Cardstock

Clear Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel


Flower Soft

I truly hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial today and it has inspired you to make your own Spring Bouquet.

Be sure to visit Elizabeth Craft Designs for your supplies.

Until next time – Happy Crafting!




Birthday Tulips


Hello my crafty friends welcome to my blog.  Today I am posting a birthday card I made for a friend.  It was designed using Susan’s new Garden Notes Tulip 2 die set along with her Garden Notes Canning Jar and Lid.

Let’s get started.

  1.  For card base cut off white cardstock 12″ X 5-1/2″ score at 6″ fold on score line.
  2. Cut peach cardstock  5-3/4″ X 5-1/4″ adhere to front of card using Clear Double Sided Adhesive.  Cut patterned paper 5-1/2″ X 5″ adhere to peach cardstock using Clear Double Sided Adhesive.
  3. Attach piece of lace to bottom of card using Kids Choice Glue.
  4. Cut 1 jar from clear plastic / mylar using Garden Notes Canning Jar die.  (I save the plastic packaging from items I have purchased for this purpose)  Using blue alcohol ink (Broken Glass Distress Ink used here) color back side of jar to give it appearance of water.
  5. Cut 5 tulips using color of your choice (peach and white used here) and Susan’s Garden Notes Tulip 2 die set. Cut several leaves and 5 caylx from green cardstock. Using markers or Susan’s Garden PanPastels Set 1 shade tulips.  Using loop tool and molding mat shape tulips by pulling loop tool from tip to center.  Pinch up each petal at base of petal using tweezers.  Using Kids Choice Glue assemble tulips by adding glue to underside of piece with 2 petals and placing across piece with 4 petals off setting.  Add green caylx to center using Kids Choice Glue.  Place back on molding pad push down in center with medium ball tool.  Cut stamen from black cardstock roll up spread tips out dip in Kids Choice Glue then into black pollen dip bottom into glue and set into center of tulip.  Shade leaves (Crushed Olive Distress Ink used here).  Lay on leaf mat using leaf tool make vein line down center then add lines on each side of this line.  Pinch at base lay face down on molding mat take ball tool rub tip to roll back.
  6. Cut stem once from green cardstock place stems down through little opening at top of jar .  Wrap 1/8″ wide matching ribbon around top and stems glue in place.  Add small bow to front attach with Kids Choice Glue.
  7. Attach jar to left side of card front using Kids Choice Glue on very edge of jar.
  8. Attach tulips to tops of stems using Kids Choice Glue arranging to your liking.
  9. Cut ModaScrap Pair of Leaves 1 using dark green cardstock – cut 3 or 4.  Lay face down on molding mat using medium ball tool rub back of leaves turn over and roll ball tool down stem.  Add a little glue to stems stick down through hole arranging around tulips.  Add tulip leaves to fill in.
  10. Cut Happy Birthday 2 from green cardstock and again from peach cardstock.  Add Clear double sided Adhesive to back of green and peach cardstocks before cutting.  Adhere green Happy Birthday on top of peach cardstock offsetting a little.  Adhere to right side of card front.
  11. Add pearls across top of lace.

1296 Susan’s Garden Notes Tulip 2

1220 Susan’s Garden Notes Canning Jar & Lid

1190 Susan’s Garden Notes Bouquet Stems & Branches

1314 ModaScrap Pair of Leaves 1

1161 Quietfire A Way With Words Happy Birthday 2

808 Susan’s Garden 4 pc. Tool Kit

810 Large Molding Mat

811 Leaf Pad

814 Kids Choice Glue

PSF101 Soft Finish Cardstock 85# White

Clear Double Sided Adhesive

30115 Susan’s Garden PanPastels Set 1

Other Supplies

Cardstock – peach, green (2 shades) and colonial white



Black Pollen

Distress Inks – Crushed Olive & Antique Linen

Marker – peach

Patterned Paper

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I do hope that you have enjoyed my post today.  Be sure to go to Elizabeth Craft Designs for your supplies.

Until next time – Happy Crafting!



Hearts & Tulips


Hello my crafty friends!  Today I am posting a card I made using one of eight of Susan’s new dies that have just been released.  Today I chose to use the Tulip 2 of this new group since we are all wishing for Spring about now.  Along with this new die  I used Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Shimmer Sheetz and Els van de Burgt Studio Heart Background die.  The picture does not show how pretty the Shimmer Sheetz looks it is really hard to take photos of it to do it justice.

Although I am using this card as a sympathy card it certainly could be used for a valentine or birthday card by changing the sentiment and put a whole heart on it.

Here is how this card was created.

Start with white card base 4-1/4″ X 5-1/2″

  1.  Die cut Raspberry Shimmer Metal Sheetz with Heart Background die making sure to use metal adapter plate to insure complete cutting.  This cut out will measure 4″ X 5-1/4″.  Cut White Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz 4″ X 5-1/4″ (it fits exactly behind heart background).  Using Kids Choice Glue attach heart background to white iridescent piece. ( I placed something heavy on top to hold it down until dry).
  2.   Cut 3 tulips using White Soft Finish 85# Cardstock (1 of 4 petal and 1 of 2 petal pieces for each tulip) .  Color 2 of them with pink PanPastels Kit 1 shade base and edge with Magenta PanPastel Kit 1.  Shade 1 with Bright Yellow Green PanPastel Kit 1 at the base of all petals.  Lay petals on molding mat right side up using large loop tool from Susan’s Garden Tool Kit shape petals by pulling loop tool down each petal from tip to center pushing down quite hard to make petals curl up.  Use medium ball tool push down in the center of both pieces cupping up.  Using Kids Choice Glue offset the 2 pieces and glue together.  Take the sun shaped piece cut from green cardstock place down on molding mat push down in center with med ball tool.  glue into center of petals.  Cut stamen from yellow cardstock roll up dip tips into glue then into black pollen.  Glue into center of tulip.
  3. Cut stems and leaves from green cardstock (I cut everything twice for each tulip).  Using green ink  (Crushed Olive Distress Ink used here) add shading to all leaves and 3 stems.  Lay face down on leaf pad  take leaf tool from Susan’s Garden Tool Kit put stem lines in 3 stems and all leaves. Turn leaves over adding vein lines on each side of stem line.   Gently fold back on stem line add Bright Yellow Green PanPastels.  Pinch leaves together hold face down on molding mat rub end with medium ball tool to curve back.  Take stem that has stem line in it glue on top of plain stem do this for 3 tulips.  Kids Choice Glue was used to glue stems together.
  4. Cut heart from White Soft Finish Cardstock using one of Els van de Burgt Studio’s new heart dies middle size would work best  ( At the time I did not have the heart dies so I took a chipboard heart from my stash traced around it and cut it out).  Cut heart with an Exacto knife with zig zag pattern.  Take right piece emboss using embossing folder of your choice  (Elizabeth Craft Designs Heart Strings Embossing folder used here).  Ink all edges on both pieces using a coordinating ink (Spun Sugar Distress Ink used here)
  5. Using pop dots attach heart to card front leave slight space between pieces of heart.
  6.   Add sentiment to left section of heart.  I used Peel Off Stickers for sentiment but you could also stamp it on which you would do before you attach heart to card.
  7. Add tulips to right of heart using Kids Choice Glue.  Add leaves and small bow.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Products:

Susan’s Garden Notes – Tulip 2

Els van de Burgt – Heart Background

Embossing Folder – Heart Strings

Shimmer Sheetz – Raspberry Metallic

Shimmer Sheetz – White Iridescent

White Soft Finish Cardstock 85#

Susan’s PanPastels Kit 1

Peel Off Stickers – Thinking of You

Kids Choice Glue

Molding Pad

Susan’s Garden 4 pc Tool Kit

Leaf Pad

Other Supplies:

Green Cardstock

Distress Inks – Crushed Olive & Spun Sugar


I do hope that my tutorial today has been helpful and has inspired you to make your own card.

Be sure to visit Elizabeth Craft Designs for all their great products.

Until next time…………

Happy Crafting!